morning race

5:45 a.m.
The morning race has begun.

Get dressed.
Brush teeth.
Rush out the door.

The breakfast half eaten and the carefully packed lunch forgotten.

I’m always running late.
An endless dance of catch up
to pretend I’m keeping up.

Did I lock the door…

The 8 to 5.
The long car ride.

My youth spent longing for adulthood.
That endless freedom so longed for.

I did all the right things:
Ivy league university
Followed by the suitable job.

Good pay
Nice car.
Now I have it all.

My bank account reads six figures.
Advertisers peddle self worth and happiness.
Love, now sold in stores.

This is the game I play,
as I go about each day.

I bought what society sold.
I gotta keep going.
Can’t change now.

This is what life is after all.
A business transaction,
A networking event.