friday free write

Your infinite love,
wisdom and mercy,
surrounds me.

Your creation-
a feast for the eyes.

No replication
can match its
perfect placement.

The Divine Creator,
a master artist.

The priceless 
perfection of
your pen.

You said, "Be."
And we became.

We've forgotten you-
but, how so?
When we reside
inside your masterpiece.

Each branch and corresponding leaf, just so.

Each body and soul connected, no mistake.

How can we deny Your signs?

Each one perfectly placed
within our reach
for reflection.

If this is dunya,
then what is Jannah?

I want a taste of the penultimate masterpiece.

Is it surreal, abstract, realist, or expressive?
Did any man come close enough to boast?
Did anyone's masterpiece compete? 

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